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Spanish Cell Phone Abbreviations

Cell phone abbreviations are far from standardized, but here are some of them you may come across or want to try using yourself:

amramor — love
aoraahora — now
asdcal salir de clase — after class
asiasgracias — thanks
bbien — well, good
bbbebé — baby
bbrbbr — to drink
bs, bssbesos — kisses
byeadiós — goodbye
b7sbesitos — kisses
csé, se — I know; (reflexive pronoun)
camcámara — camera
chao, chauadiós — goodbye
dde — from, of
d2dedos — fingers
dcrdecir — to say
dew, dwadiós — goodbye
dfcldifícil — difficult
dimdime — tell me
dnddónde — where
exohecho — act
emshemos — We have
erseres tú — you are, are you
ers2eres tú — are youeysellos — they, you (plural)
grrrenfadado — angry
findefin de semana — weekend
fstafiesta — party
hlhasta luego — see you later
hlahola — hello
iwaligual — equal
kque, qué — that, what
kbzacabeza — head
klsclase — class
kntmcuéntame — tell me
kyatcállate — Shut up.
KOestoy muerto — I'm in big trouble.
kmcomo — as, like
m1mlmándame un mensaje luego — Send me a message later.
mimmisión imposible — mission impossible
msjmsnsaje — message
mxomucho — a lot
nphno puedo hablar — I can't talk now.
npnno pasa nada — nothing's happening
papara, padre — for, father
pcopoco — a little
pdtpiérdete — get lost
pfpor favor — please
plspor favor — please
pqporque, porqué — because, why
qque, qu.a — that, what
q acs?¿Qué haces? — What are you doing?
qand, qandocuando, cuándo — when
qdmsquedamos — we're staying
q plomo!¡Qué plomo! — What a drag!
q qrs?¿Qué quieres? — What do you want?
q risa!¡Qué risa! — What a laugh!
q seaqué sea — whatever
q tal?qué tal — What's happening?
sbs?¿sabes? — Do you know?
salu2saludos — hello, goodbye
smsmensaje — message
sproespero — I hope
tqte quiero — I love you
tqitengo que irme — I have to leave
tas OK?¿Estás bien? — Are you OK?
tbtambién — also
uniuniversidad — university, college
vns?¿Vienes? — Are you coming?
vosvosotros — you (plural)
wpa¡Guapa! — Sweet!
xdonperdón — sorry
xfapor favor — please
xopero — but
xqporque, porqué — because, why
ymam, ymmllámame — call me
zzzdormir — sleeping
+más — more
:)feliz, alegre — happy
:(triste — sad
+o-más o menos — more or less
-menos — less
:psacar lengua — tongue sticking out
;)guiño — wink

Note: Many of the messages using a q for que or qué can also expressed with a k, such as "tki" for "tengo que irme." A few popular abbreviations standing for vulgar words aren't included in this list.