The Texas Education Agency has implemented an agreement with the Ministry of Education in the Republic of China (Taiwan) to offer experienced and newly licensed Texas Teachers the opportunity to teach in Taiwanese schools for one academic year. Participants will work with local Taiwanese teachers to develop curriculum and teach English for Taiwan's students in grade 1-9.

For additional information and online application, please visit

or contact:

Mr. Sheng-fu Lee
Cultural Division
Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Houston
11 Greenway Plaza, Suite 2012,
TX 77046Tel: (713)840-3854

2011 Short-Term Mandarin Chinese Study Tour Scholarship Application Guidelines

The Taiwan Ministry of Education is pleased to announce the availability of the 2011 Mandarin Chinese Study Tour Scholarship. This scholarship is intended for American students to travel to Taiwan for the purpose of learning Mandarin Chinese. The weekly stipend is 90 U.S. dollars per person andthe application process are outlined below:

  1. The US school is responsible for announcing the project to the student body and selecting qualified students to attend.
  2. Regarding the curriculum, the US school may select a Mandarin Chinese Learning Center at one of the universities in Taiwan, or through their partner school in Taiwan to design the course. There is no specific school or Mandarin Learning Center the U.S. school is obligated to collaborate with—the choice is entirely up to the school.
  3. The classroom contact hours should be at least three hours each day and the length of the program is up to four weeks.
  4. The class should meet five days a week. If the class meets less than five days a week, the stipend will be reduced proportionally.
  5. The minimum number of students to qualify for the scholarship is five per group. The scholarship will be presented to the group in New Taiwanese Dollars (NTD) after their arrival in Taiwan.
  6. Interested universities/schools must submit the complete proposal, including the name of the host school in Taiwan, an itinerary, a list of the participating students, a detailed class schedule with the curriculum outline, and estimated budget at least eight weeks before the departure to the office listed below.
Cultural Division, TECO in Houston
11 Greenway Plaza, Suite 2012
Houston, TX 77046
  1. The study tour group will be required to submit a copy of the signatures of the participating students, an expenditure statement and a self-evaluation report to the TECO Office within a month upon return to the U.S.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the TECO office via email at houcul@houstoncul.org or by phone at 713-871-0851/Fax: 713-871-0854.